Monday, 15 September 2014


The proposed start on site date is 29th September, the works will take approximately 6 weeks and should complete on the 14th November.
Your 3 Oscott Councillors will try and keep them to this time line

Friday, 12 September 2014


I would like to thank all those Oscott residents who are continuing to contact me letting me know their concerns and views.

 I will always do what I can to help residents with problems although especially in these tough times when government cuts to Council funding is so extreme, I can not promise to resolve all the issues I hear or read about.

I am also willing and happy to listen to Oscott residents views of matters relating to the Council and so on, even though there may be times I do not always agree with them? (If I don't I will tell you why)

It is easy to contact me for example.

I hold a surgery every fourth Tuesday in the month at the 610 Community Centre at 9.30am
You can leave a message for me on 303 2039 (don't forget to give my name and your details)
Most Oscott residents would have received one of my Pre - Paid return cards at some time. (if you have not let me know)
You can email me on
I do regular street walk abouts in Oscott and attend a number of public meetings including the Oscott Ward Committees.
You can even see me on a bus in Oscott most days.? or from Time to time in the Queslett Nature Reserve?

I live locally and I am always out and about in Oscott and if you want to know about some of the things I am doing keep reading this blog and Twitter.


Seven Trent have still not finished their sewer pipe repairs in College Road (see my post 3rd September).
This is clearly not satisfactory and I am continuing to request along with the Birmingham City Council Transportation department that Seven Trent  get the necessary work done ASAP and that the disruption of bus and vehicle diversions be kept to a minimum.
 However I have now been informed the work and diversions may last until well into October.

Thursday, 11 September 2014


The Oscott Resident Association along with members of the Oscott Neighbourhood Police Initiative are available to meet residents at an informal meeting on the first Saturday of the month at the 610 Community Centre. 10.30am
You can meet Representatives of these groups in person to discuss issues of local concern  over a cup of tea.

These groups lobby Councillors, the Perry Barr MP, the BC Council and Police on behalf of residents and try to resolve residents issues and concerns.

For further details about these groups please ring 675 2349


The Oscott Elderly Residents Group (50 years+) meet on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 11.15am in the 610 Community Centre. membership is free.
The room used is suitable for wheel chairs and Oscott Disability Group members are welcome.

It is a great chance to meet other residents and have a good chat and a laugh.
There are raffles
Tea and light refreshments for just 40p
from time to time there are fun light exercise sessions and speakers ( including myself now and again)
There are occasional Coach trips organised

For further details ring 675 2349

Wednesday, 10 September 2014


This is just to remind you that the Oscott Ward Committee (Chaired by Councillor Barbara Dring) takes place on Wednesday 17th September at 7pm. The venue will be the 610 Community Centre Kingstanding Road.
There will be a chase to hear updates regarding the Glenmead and Burford Road playing fields.
There will also be an opportunity to hear from local community groups and to let us know of any concerns you have.

These meetings are an opportunity for Oscott residents to discuss issues of concern with their councillors.

If you can not make the meeting and would like to inform me of a concern please email


 Today I am meeting a man about trees in Oscott. He will be a Representative from Amey and although it is difficult to know where to start I will be explaining to him the way the trees in Oscott are pruned (in most roads) is not good enough.
I am a supporter of the need for trees but something needs to be done.

I have been calling on BCC administrations for years to get their act together and come up with a decent common sense approach for dealing with the City’s forest type street  trees.

There needs through re negotiating with Amey a better form of pruning and tree removal/ replacement program.

There should be in my view a time scale perhaps 20 year for the removal and replacement of all forest type street trees which are over 50 years old and are full size. This would lead to streets where trees ranged in age and size which would ultimately mean they could be pruned more efficiently when needed.

New replacement trees should preferably be native trees more suitable for a road side situation. They could also be planted in a more suitable curb side  locations enabling more home owner access to having drop curbs and where possible not effect street lighting.

Each road with over grown forest type trees should have a worked out program to remove and replace so many of these trees each year.

Those tree which need pruning should be pruned more vigorously. It is pointless sending out crews to prune so little of the trees canopy that the lay person cannot even tell what has been done. This leads to very annoyed residents.

The size of the crown of a tree also effects the size of the root system and these roots can often effect the pavements in a road.
Poor pruning can also mean too many fallen leaves which make our pavement slippy in wet weather and at times branches are falling off trees when there is only a small breeze, which can damage cars and even people.

This subject needs to be reconsidered and if national rules need to be changed the government should be lobbied.

If you are an Oscott resident and have a view on this please Email me on or leave a message on 303 2039

Saturday, 6 September 2014


At long last after years of  complaints on behalf of residents by my Ward  Councillor Colleagues and myself, I can confirm the Birmingham Transportation department have agreed for the need for road safety measures to be introduced to the Lambeth Road.

To start with a pair of Speed indicator signs are to be erected on the Lambeth Road.
For some time there have been complaints regarding speeding on this road and it can be difficult for children going to and from Sundridge School to cross as a result.
Hopefully this measure will be the start of a longer term solution. The signs will it is hoped be going in next year.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014


 Re College Road sewer works located near the Cross Way Lane junction. This a causing a lot of distress to residents who live on roads where vehicles are being diverted. Roads like Epwell Road.

The work Seven Trent are carrying out is a repair on a collapsed sewer. This is taking longer than they originally hoped as once they started work they found a collapse on a second sewer. In addition to this one of the pipes is underneath the 30” water main. This means they have to be particularly careful to prevent damage to the water main, which could result in cross contamination.

Seven Trent have informed me that  the diversion route is causing problems for those living in the area. The route has been approved by the highways department and has to be of at least the same class of road as the closed road. It should also avoid directing traffic through minor roads.

They now  understand that some road users with local knowledge are finding a way through rather than using the diversion. Unfortunately, as Seven Trent  have to maintain access to frontages, it’s difficult to prevent this.

I an continuing to press Seven Trent to do doing all they can to get the repairs completed as quickly as possible and get College Roads carriage way (From City) reopened – They now hope to be finished by 26 September.

I hope this information helps to explain the situation. If you’d like any other information let me know and I will try and find it out for you.

Seven Trent must do all they can to cause as little inconvenience as possible to those living where the diversion has been put in place.


At my next Councillors surgery Tuesday 23rd Sept at the 610 Community Centre 9.30am I will be holding an engagement session with a number of Oscott Community leaders.
All  Oscott residents are welcome if you would like to discuss an issue of concern or let me have your views on a subject.


The next Friends of Queslett Nature Reserve Activity day will be on Saturday 27th September.
The meeting place will be the at  Ashworth Road entrance (please do not park to close to residents homes) and the start time will be 11am.

Please come prepared for the weather and wear stout shoes. Children are welcome under the strict supervision of an appropriate adult.

This will be a working session and the work will include.
Light tree and bush pruning
Litter picking.

It is hoped park Rangers will be on hand to give advise and support.

The FQNR are interested in far more than just what happens in the reserve we also have an interest in the Aldridge Recreation Ground and a number of small open areas around the Oscott ward. It is our aim to improve the environment generally in the Oscott Ward, in a practical way.

For further information please email Keith.Linnecor@birmingham.gove .uk

Tuesday, 2 September 2014


Oscott Ward Committee members Councillor Tristan Chatfield, Councillor Barbara Dring (Chair) Councillor Keith Linnecor

 There will be a meeting of the Oscott Ward Committee (Chaired by Councillor Barbara Dring) on the 17th September at the 610 Community Centre. The meeting will start at 7pm.

Ward Committees are where Oscott Ward Councillors engage with Oscott residents regarding issues of concern in the Oscott Ward. Council Officers will also be on hand to discuss relevant Council reports.
The Police and other members of the Oscott Police Tasking Group will be on hand to discuss Policing issues in the area and the Oscott Ward Advisory Board (this is made up of Oscott Community Leaders and representatives from other agencies like Age UK and Education) will  send representatives with feed backs from their meetings.

There will be an opportunity for residents to raise issues of importance at this however if you can not get to this meeting and would like me to raise an issue for you please email me on  Keith.Linnecor@birmingham.

Your Oscott Councillors are always willing to engage with local residents other ways you can discuss issues with us are.

During our local street walk about's or roving surgeries
By returning our cards which we put out.
Writing to us c/o the Council House
Attending one of our Councillors surgeries.
Attending one of the Community Group meetings where we have been asked to attend.
Telephoning us.
Emailing us.

  The Oscott Councillors are happy to discuss issues with local residents and where we can try and deal with various problems and IF YOU LIVE IN OSCOTT and have a view about the way the Oscott Ward Committee operates I am happy to listen to that view.

My Contact details
Tel No (message service) 303 2039
Write to me C/o Birmingham City Council B1 1BR

You can also find out some of the things I am doing by using my blog
I am also on twitter

I can not promise to resolve all the issues I come across but I am willing to listen and try and help if I can

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