Thursday, 23 March 2017


Its always good to be out and about meeting the people that matter OSCOTT RESIDENTS and hearing what they have to say.
It is also important to meet as many residents as possible   all year around and not just at the run up to elections
I may not always agree with what people say to me but I respect their views even if we have to agree to differ.

I also do what I can "no promises" to do what I can to help with any problems they have.


I have recently been made aware that we Councillors should in this age of the internet should use it more to inform residents about what we are doing in our wards.!

I would like to remind anyone reading this blog currently in its 10th year,  that I am also on Face Book and Titter although if you would like me to try and deal with a concern you have you should still contact me by

By phone 0121 360 3032039 ( messages)
By writing care of the Birmingham City Council House. B1 1BR
By attending one of my Surgeries  ( 4th Tuesday of the month 9.30am at the 610 Community Centre)
By sending in if you have one  of my " free post"  return card which are also available in the Oscott Libraries or at the 610 Community Centre.

When getting in touch with me please supply your full contact details

I am afraid to say my carrier pigeon post service has been deleted as the pigeon has now retired.

 I cannot promise to resolve all the issues I hear about but I am willing to try and help if I can.

Also in regards to Twtter,  if I re - tweet something it does not necessarily mean I agree with the comments in it.


Any one reading this blog regularly will be aware of my efforts to combat Dog Fouling,
along with the Neighbourhood Police Initiative and Councillor Barbarbara Dring.

Most residents have had the experience of treading in dog mess and trailing into their homes often ruining carpets.

This unpleasant an unnecessary problem will be hard to defeat as there is a small but persisted small minority of dog owners ( who give the huge majority of good dog owners a bad name) that persist in not getting up their dogs mess and either bagging and binning it or taking it home. Some even bag their dogs mess when on an open space and leave hanging in  bushes where children play. You would not credit it would you! Dog mess can lead to serious eye conditions to children.

I have tried to help he situation by having a number of new bins put in place but sadly many of these are just replacement bins for where bin have been vandalised or gone missing. I also help the Dog Warden officers by putting up no dog fouling warning stickers on lampposts. Along with the NPI I help put up notices and supply warning boards.

Despite governments cuts to their funding the Council have kept on a Dog Warden Service and they have been very helpful in the Oscott area despite being small in number. In some cases they are actively monitoring some areas.

I would like to thank those caring dog owners who do the right and sensible thing and clear up their dogs mess.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017


Working closely with the Neighbourhood Police Initiative , Local residents and my fellow Oscott Councillors I have been campaigning for a zebra Crossing to be located on Dyad Road near the Old Oscott Lane junction. As part of this campaign I presented a petition to the Council.

 Sadly due to a local super market objecting to the idea of  pedestrian crossing because of their  concerns about the effect this would have on deliveries to the store the idea had to be explored further.

 I am now pleased to tell you following my continues request the Transportation have met with the supermarket and through agreement, they no longer oppose the provision of a zebra crossing and support its installation. 

As a consequence The Transportation department will  advertise the provision of the crossing in the local press and, once this is complete, arrange for its installation. 

I am hoping that a zebra crossing will be on site at some point in the summer of this year.
My fellow Oscott Ward Councillors and I will be requesting this crossing be installed as soon as possible as this is a busy road which residents have to cross to get to local shops or to catch the bus at stops on either side..

Tuesday, 21 March 2017


It was really nice to be asked along to the Late Late Youth Club today at the 610 Community Centre.

AS is often the case member did not hold back with their questions which covered a number of local and city issues, The Burford Playing Filed, the Hare and Hound pub, Aldi, Council tax, Parking on the pavement, the Kingstanding precinct, Council and Police cuts and many more.

I am lucky I suppose I actually enjoy these grilling and their members shoot from the hip with their questions.

The Late Late Youth club is made up of elderly Oscott residents.

For more details please contact 675 2349

Monday, 20 March 2017



I have now received confirmation from Amey Highways to my latest request for information about when Thornbridge Avenue with regards to when and what work is to be carried out to the Thornbridge Avenue (Oscott side of the motor way to Aldridge Road)

I have been informed that not only is the carriage way to be resurfaced but full construction work will be carried out. The work is still scheduled to take place in the early summer.

The Oscott Councillors have been lobbying to get this work to be done for some time and I will continue to do what I can to keep Amey to their time scale. Motorists should be aware however when this type of work takes place it does take longer and some inconvenience is inevitable.

Sunday, 19 March 2017


My next Councillors surgery will take place on the 21st of March. The venue will be the 610 Community Centre Kingstanding road. 9.30am.

If you have an issue you would like to discuss with me please pop in.

Alternatively you can email me , leave me a phone message 303 2039  ( in either case please leave your full contact details)

You can also write to me Care of 
The Birmingham City Council
The Council House
B1 1BB

Saturday, 18 March 2017


As parking and road safety around schools in Oscott is such a major concern to may I organise meetings on the subject which all the Schools in Oscott are invited to attend.

At these meeting schools along with Council Road safety teams, the Transportation department , the Fire Brigade and the Police and to discuss collectively the various issues of concern.

These problems are extremely difficult to resolve but working together, good practice, new ideas and practical solutions are examined.

There are no easy solutions and cuts in funding to schools, the Police and the Council by Central Government do not help.

All the Oscott schools have been invited to send a representative to the next  meeting and if,  as a parent or local resident,  you have a concern you can let your local school know and remind them to attend the meeting. The meeting will take place on the 28th March and a feed back to the public is given at the Oscott Residents Committees.


Thank you to all those who have contacted me on this subject.

Clearly as the Councillor who first had the gaps in the Burford Road playing field site to allow residents onto the site without them having to resort to keep cutting through the fence,  this situation is very saddening to me.

This is an education field  and they were willing to allow residents young and old to use the site, but over the years a small minority  have  abused the site, destroying the changing rooms and acting in antisocial ways, abusing the site often leading to the Police having to be called.

Others have used the site without paying for the use which has not helped either those organisations wishing to use the site officially or residents just wishing to use the site for recreation.

There is an urgent need for new housing in the city and the Government have put the pressure on with their one million new home to be build in the country target over the next few year.

Like other cities Birmingham have to respond and are now desperate to find space for these new homes and are even resorting to have to have them built on Green belt land.

  However like my colleagues  Councillor Barbara Dring and Tristan Chatfield  I still feel Burford playing field should not be built on if possible

I have called on the Education assets department to ensure residents are notified and consulted with before any decisions are made. No decisions have ben made and it I still early days.


The next Oscott Ward Residents Committee will be on Wednesday 29th March at the 610 Community Centre. The time will be 7pm.

On the Agenda will be A feed back from the Oscott Schools parking and road safety committee, Policing issues and the Burford Road feed back From the Education Assets department
The committee consists of the 3 Oscott Councillos (Chaired by Councillor Barbara Dring.)
Council officer attend along with invited other agencies, to discuss local issues of concern and to report to residents.
Oscott residents are welcome to attend

Friday, 17 March 2017


Many schools in Oscott may lose out due to the Central Government’s vicious cuts to Birmingham’s schools. This could have  possible implications in terms of staffing levels, class sizes, delivery of the curriculum and the effect on(extra curricula activities, trips and visits, sporting activities ) parents may have to pay for some of these
Per-pupil funding for schools in urban areas like Birmingham are set to lose out to those in more rural areas

Oscott parents could write to their local MP or even directly to the Secretary of State for Education The Rt Hon Justine Greening MP and, to try make the Government see sense.
 Birmingham Schools collectively will lose over 93 MILLION POUNDS by 2019.