Wednesday, 19 November 2014


  Current Oscott Councillors Surgeries
Councillors operate a rota
1st Saturday of the month, 10.30am
610 Community Centre, Kingstanding Road, Birmingham, B44 (Induction Loop Available).
1st Wednesday of the month, 7.00pm
610 Community Centre, Kingstanding Road, Birmingham, B44 (Induction Loop Available).
4th Tuesday of the month,  09.30am
610 Community Centre, Kingstanding Road, Birmingham, B44 (Induction Loop Available).
 Home visits for those with genuine mobility difficulties can be arranged.
There will be no Councillor surgery on the 23rd December, 3rd January or 7th January.

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Government cuts in Police funding are starting to bite.
Kingstanding Police station is just one of many throughout the region that is set to close to the public over the next 12 months.
Following what the Police have called consultation they have decided to close a number of Police stations to save on the costs of front desk service.

The Police service believe that resident will still be able to contact them through their webb site, Email (if you have access to a computer?), the 101 phone service (none emergency and by means of local Police community meetings in each area.
I have my doubts about this but recognise if Police funding is slashed changes must be made. I would have thought scraping the position of Police Commoner and all the bureaucracy that entails, across the country would have help set an example in this.

The Police maintain these cuts will help keep front line officers on the beat.

I have complained to senior officers and the Police Commissioner regarding this decision which I feel is not in the best interest of Oscott residents although I understand the Police's reasoning on this matter.

I have also passed on my appreciation to the Local Police team for the work they do.

Monday, 17 November 2014


Kingstanding Library has had to be closed from Friday to the present time due to a failure of both the roller shutters and the automatic door at the entrance to the library. Staff had managed to gain access to the rear of the library through the flats entrance, and then through the fire door which leads to the library from the foyer to the flats.  Since the flats entrance is a private access security locked door this is not an entrance that the general public can use.  The library is still closed to the public, and staff are working at other libraries, apart from the single member of staff on site to let the engineer in and to deal with the public calls, etc.

Staff are at present waiting for an electrician to arrive to progress repairs so that it may open as soon as possible.It looks like the fault may be more serious than first thought.

Friday, 14 November 2014


 These are just some of the roads I have had to request receive road sweeping to clear excessive leaf fall (the most recent only) needles to say there have been a number of others.

Tresham Road
Rodlington Avenue
Corbridge Avenue
Birdbrook Road
Cavandale Avenue
Eliston Avenue.
Courtenay Road.

They have now been completed recently

Other roads Like Blakeland, Anstey,  Marshall. Birkenshaw,  Old Oscott Lane, Warren Hill and Hill Crest  need being kept on top of to.

If your road has an excess of leaves on its pavement and carriage way email me

or leave me a message (don't  forget your contact details) on 303 2039

Thursday, 13 November 2014


I know a number of resident prefer to use convenient Recycling banks located on street corners (and shop car parks) in the Oscott area than using their blue and green boxes.

These boxes can be a problem in windy weather as they can blow into the road and so on.

It is important that we try and recycle what we can to try and improve the environment but it is also important to try and keep recycling banks tidy and free of rubbish. This is why I have asked the Local Street Cleaning Management Team to remind their staff to monitor recycling bans which are on our streets for rubbish and litter left near them.


Amey Birmingham Highways contractor intend resurfacing Lindsay Road week ending 28th November. However they appear to have forgotten although this road is small on the scale of things having no residents living in it, closing this road does effect over a 100 residents living in Ashworth Road.
Ashworth Residents were not even told about the closure proposals until I had to get in touch with Amey urgently requesting  residents be contacted with the relevant information.
 Lindsay Road connects Booths Lane to Ashworth Road and is the only way out for Ashworth Road residents.
Amey will now be notifying residents and have also agreed weather permitting to speed up the work involved and to cut down the proposed closure time from 5 days to 2.
The Parks department who are at last carrying out some fencing, signage and path improvement wok on the near by Queslett Nature Reserve were also not informed of the closure until I connected them However if needed they may be able to use the reserves other entrance.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014


I would like to support residents who  want to stop development of 4 houses being planned on the Fox Hill stables and riding school. The school is Popular with local children, disabled adults and children. College also students work there 2 or 3 days a week doing exams from horse colleges. Other children do stable management. Some Oscott residents also  own a horse stabled on there.
The closure may also mean horse riders are tempted to use other areas like the Queslett Nature Reserve where other resident could be put at risk.

The gap between Birmingham is small and precious and should not be built on. At worst the  land should remain as farming or related use land.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014


Unlike some, although I know a little about trees I am not an expert.
I do know however like a large number of Oscott residents who live is streets with old large forest type trees, are not happy the way they are being pruned at times.
I have been calling for some time for a re think on how these sorts of trees are being pruned.

The issues trees of this type create for residents include
The sticky residue they create which covers, drives, cars and bay windows.
The issue of light especially when they are located near street lamps.
Concerns about aerial dish or phone line interference.
The increase in lung conditions.
Roots either invading Gardens, or uplifting pavement causing trip hazards.
Excessive leaves causing problems with drainage.

 I need to make it quite clear I value trees in our road. They look nice the are environmentally essential in helping with Carbon Dioxide levels and so on. They also due to their take up of water help reduce water levels and prevent flooding.

I have called over and over again for a sensible phased large tree replacement program where very large trees are gradually replaced by smaller more suitable ones.

If you have the same concerns as myself but perhaps are a little concerned that you may be considered as causing problems if you complain, please get it touch with me and join my campaign to improve the tree stocks in Oscott and help ease the concerns of Oscott residents.
This can not be done over night but more needs to be done.

I fully understand that the tree officers have a tough job to do trying to negotiate between those who want to keep the trees we have and maintaining them and on the other hand  residents who simply do not like trees and want many just removed.

I am trying to create a half way house where those who like trees but see the problems they cause are listened to more synthetically and their frustration is taken into account.

Please let me have your concerns email Keith.

Thursday, 6 November 2014


 I  occasionally receive complaints regarding the state of the pavement out side shops only to find the "pavement" is part of a shops frontage. If that is the case it is up to the trader/shop keeper to maintain their  frontage and not let it become a trip hazard. Uneven paving slabs or broken tar mac surfaces can be dangerous.
I do sometimes get the Council to send reminders to shop keepers, advising them of their responsibilities.

If you see a badly maintained shop frontage you could politely inform the shop keeper asking them to sort it out or contact me and I will try and get the Council to remind them.

Should you have a fall as a result of a badly maintained shop frontage ( you can often  tell the difference from the Councils pavement which is near the road as the surface changes)  make a note of the circumstances date and time for example and take a photograph if possible. You may wish to contact the Council to ensure the trip is the responsibility of the shop keeper. If it is you may wish to seek legal advise on how to make a claim.

Most good shop keepers and traders keep their frontages trip free and tidy but I would appeal to all shop keepers in the Oscott area to check their frontages and keep them maintained. At the end of the day they might find them selves liable for a claim against them.