Friday, 16 November 2018

REMIND YOUR LOCAL OSCOTT SCHOOL TO ATTEND the next parking and road safety meeting

The next meeting of the Oscott Schools Parking near schools and Road safety working party  meeting which takes place on the 28th November.At the Great Barr Academy Aldridge Road Great Barr (by invitation)

All the School in the Oscott area have again been invited to send a representative to this meeting where issues of concern regarding parking near schools and road safety are discussed.

Also invited are senior Local Police Officers, Fire brigade representatives and also officers from the Birmingham City Council who deal with road safety issues.

As chair and with the help of our Council organiser PB Act District Director Mr De Costa of these meetings (and who works so hard to do so despite a lack of resources) I do not pretend there are any easy solutions to the problems being discussed, but every school can meet with other Oscott schools to discuss how they deal with road safety issues near their school and learn from others what they do.

The Police, Council Officers and Fire brigade, offer their advice and listen to the concerns of the various Oscott schools and by all working together in this way we try and resolve some of the issues.

There is no magic wand and we still face the continued cuts in funding but just sometimes good practice and an opportunity to learn from others can help.

The Police who like the Council have faced awful cuts in their numbers can also meet with a  number of schools at one time which helps save their stretched man power and ensures they hear the issues faced by local schools, together in one place.

I would urge all parents or, to remind the school that their children go to in Oscott, to send someone to the meeting. (Local residents living near one of the schools could also remind the school?)  Details have been supplied to all the various schools.

Members of the public are given an update on these meetings at Oscott Ward Residents Committees Chaired by Councillor Barbara Dring. Residents are also encouraged at these ward meetings to discuss their concerns which are passed back to the Schools Parking and Road safety Committee.


The growing national trend for violent crime including knife crime has sadly surfaced in and near the Oscott area.
Violent crime while not at epidemic proportions by any means in Oscott is simply not acceptable.

A year or so ago I suggested a knife amnesty for the area with a place ( Kingstanding Police Station) where weapons could be handed in. Sadly this was not taken up but with recent events in mind I have called for this again.

I understand the limitations on Police number due to Government cuts in their funding but I have appealed for more activity from them in places like ASDA and the Kingstanding Circle.

Both Councillor Barbara Dring and I are concerned about any rise in violent crime in the area and will do what we can to urge action be taken to prevent it.


Birmingham City Council has launched its budget consultation 2019+ and would like to hear your views on the proposals.
There will also be a chance to ask the co...uncil’s Cabinet questions during two live streamed meetings and a free public event.
The consultation runs until 31 December 2018. Find out more and have your say at #brumbudget19

Don't forget most of the cuts which have or may take place are mainly due to the Governments failed austerity policy which has led to cuts in their funding to the Birmingham City Council.

Tuesday, 13 November 2018



An update

 1.      They have have continued with our their  at Kingstanding Library, ( help by previous funding organised by Councillor Barbara Dring and my self, focusing on jobs and skills, inc;
 - Providing 1-1 support and CV writing
- Helping to write job applications and prepare for interviews.

2.      They have also been providing a lot of 1-1 IT Support, ranging from;
- How to use Microsoft Word

- Setting up and using emails

               -Creating and using universal accounts

              - Scanning and sending documents via email e.g. housing and council tax benefit documentation.

       3.  They still hold a monthly Housing Advice Surgery and have helped residents to complete other online forms e.g. Birmingham City Council Housing applications.

       4. They have also helped the library staff by answering the phone, helping the library staff with their tasks and answering general enquiries.

Councillor Barbara Dring and I are at hand to offer any further support we can if you need their help just pop into the Kingstanding Library when they are there.

We are having to fight Government cuts but we are trying to help our residents where we can.

Wednesday, 7 November 2018


I have been out and about this evening on patrol looking for faulty street lights in Oscott.
If I see any I make sure they are reported. Cannot see all the street lights in Oscott so if you do see one either report it your self or Email me on Keith .uk and I will report it on your behalf. ( I would need the exact location.
Mind you there are plenty of fire works about.


It is good to see the efforts of Councillor Barbara Dring and I are paying off and the Old underground bottle banks located at the junction of Old Oscott Hill and Oscott School Lane are being removed.

These banks were in their time very useful sadly however they have developed faults and damage and have been out of commission for some time.
Despite signs letting people know they were not in  use some people have decided to fly tip at this location which is why they are being removed.


I would like to remind Oscott residents if they would like me to try and help with a concern they have when contacting me by phone ( if I am unavailable) or Email.

Please leave your



and( if contacting me by phone) your phone number

If you leave brief details of your concerns I may not have to contact you for them before trying  to help.

If you have one of my cards please fill in the details before send it to me ( it is Free Post)

If you are leaving me a mobile number please ensure it has the full 11 number in it!

Sunday, 4 November 2018


Wear your Poppy with pride I know I will

Saturday, 3 November 2018


Rats can be a real problem I have received a number of complaints about them recently which I am trying to get addressed. I fully understand residents concerns.
It's estimated that rodents are responsible for depleting one-fifth of the global food supply every year. And rats communicate and mark their territory by urinating pretty much everywhere they go.

Rats are considered a public health pest because they:

·         contaminate food intended for human consumption

·         carry diseases such as Leptospirosis (Weils Disease), Salmonella and Typhus (which can be fatal to people)

·         cause damage by gnawing, burrowing and digging

Rats are found in properties where there is a food and water source (e.g. cupboards, waste bags on the floor or left out pet food/ leftovers). They can also be detected by droppings, evidence of fresh gnawing and tracks.

Some estimates put the annual financial cost of soiled or damaged goods caused by rats at over £11 billion

The[ rat  UK population of brown rats is peaking at 15 million… and rising.
You can deal with rats yourself but many rats due to the over use of poisons that are used by residents are becoming immune and professional treatment can be expensive (it is best to shop around and check out the internet.).

You can help keep rats away by
• Avoid leaving food lying around either inside or outside your home;

• Place all household rubbish in bins with tight fitting lid;

• Keep bird food off the ground (or invest in a rat proof bird feeder); Feed early and not after dark.

• Do not store pet food in garages and sheds (or ensure that they are in galvanised containers) and cover drain pipe ends with chicken wire to help prevent rats climbing into roof spaces;

• Clear up fallen fruit from trees, leftover bird food and pet mess in your garden;

• Check buildings for access holes and fix any broken air bricks or gaps round pipes;

• Make sure gaps in walls and around pipes are closed as rats can get through a space as small as 10 millimetres

Also do not leave waste food out over night or fly tip bags with waste food in them.

Rats impact on our wildlife too, preying on insects, small mammals, amphibians, reptiles and more. Ground-nesting birds make particularly easy targets. If you are using open spaces like the Queslett Nature Reserve, please put any litter or food waste in a litter bin for collection or take it home with you.

Rat infestation is a problem which changing weather patterns not helping. Rats should be taken seriously by all; the government also needs to do more with extra funding to help control the numbers of rats.



Tuesday, 30 October 2018


I was pleased to meet up again with Mr Cooper of Cotleigh grove who yet again this year won a silver on the City in bloom event. I always like looking at his garden sadly however the blooms have begun to fade now.
Well done Mr Cooper


Pleased to meet up with former Oscott Councillor Margarete Sutton ne Sparry. Despite her being a Conservative! we always got on well and I like to think we had a mutual respect for each other. She certainly put residents first.

I have always had a lot of time for Margarete who like me knew how to put the political business found in the Council house to one side to concentrate on trying to help Oscott residents and enjoyed doing so,
She was a tough opponent but fair and never claimed the work of others like some have in the past.

Monday, 29 October 2018

reporting littering and flytipping in oscott

Councillor Barbara Dring and I have been out and about again reporting fly tipping and littering found  in Oscott