Wednesday, 27 February 2008


At last the trees in Burnham Road, Warren Hill Road and Tresham Road have been pruned.
Despite unnecessary delays in the case of Tresham Road the work has now been completed and I have already had a number of residents contact me to thank me for my efforts in trying to get the Current Council Conservative Administration Tree pruning section to get this work done.
More trees in the area need pruning but due to the Council reducing the previous 2 years NRF funding they will have to wait. The Oscott Councillors will continue however to try and get more funding to have trees pruned in the Oscott area as soon as possible, despite what appears to be the cuts in the funding that Oscott has had to suffer.

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OscottLocal said...

Its nice to know who's responsible for letting the trees get into such a state. Tories usless the lot of them.