Monday, 3 March 2008


At long last the Birmingham City Council lTransportation department look as if they are going to do something about the problems faced by road users on the Queslett Road.
They are now proposing to have 2 Speed cameras installed on the south carriageway of the Queslett Road (between ASDA and the Scott Arms.)
All this comes after constant pressure from local residents like Maureen Byrne, Betty Whitehouse, Nigel Quinn, Brian Brookes amongst others, by means of petitions and letters to the BCC.
Lets just hope they get it right and do not take to long to do it.
For myself after years of campaigning, I will not be satisfied until I actually see the cameras in place and other safety measures being actively considered for the Queslett Road. Lets also hope the forthcoming Local Elections will not mean more of the dubious political tactics employed last year over this issue which may well have resulted in the dalays we have seen regarding the decison to put in speed cameras etc.

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