Saturday, 13 July 2013


Wheelie Bins Update
The service appears to be well received overall in both Harborne and Brandwood.  It is now week 6 for Brandwood and week 3 for Harborne. 

A report is due to go to Cabinet in September regarding the outcome of the consultation, outcomes of the pilots and will provide options for the future roll out of wheelie bins across the city.

There will be a continued fortnightly meeting of the Programme Board to bring issues together for discussion and to make decisions on going forward.

The key messages for the wheelie bins remain the same according to the Council
  1. If the Council does not  act, there is a a multi-million pound budget gap, which can only be filled by even deeper cuts to vital services.
  2. The bins will save money overall, by driving up recycling rates, and so driving down disposal costs.
  3. The bins will mean cleaner streets, as bags won't get ripped open.
  4. Not everyone can manage the bins. The Council will provide assisted collections everywhere they are needed.
  5. Not every household will be suitable. Where they are unsuitable, houses will stay on the sack collection service, as now.
  6. Nothing will happen to any resident's bin collections without lots of contact from the Council, and lots of chances to feed into the process. 

 It is my understanding at the moment that the Oscott Ward is unlikely to receive Wheelie bins for at least another year due to the pilot schemes being operation and continued feed back on the issue.

 If you you would continue to like me to pass on your views  or questions about this subject please email me on and I will ensure they are passed on to those looking into this issue.

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