Friday, 5 June 2015


As may have been expected during the first week in Oscott where the Wheelie Bin collection has started there have been a few problems.
In some roads the wrong information leaflet packs was given out leading to bins being put out on the wrong day.
In some cases bins have not bin collected and in others promised assistance has not been given.

Clearly none of this is good enough but in the cases I have been aware of and where I have informed the department mistakes, have been for the most part put right or should be for next week.
Over all in the vast majority of cases the service worked well enough it would seem, even with the unusually high winds we have had.

Clearly there will always be some residents who do not like wheelie bins (there are many who do) but most seem satisfied to try and get used to them and many of the horror stories predicted have not come to fruition.
 For those who are really struggling with them there will be an opportunity to inform the Salvage department after a few weeks and giving them a reasonable try, to ask for another look at the situation.

If you still have genuine concerns in July send me an email and I will support your request for a review of the situation where possible.

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