Thursday, 16 February 2017



Sadly I could not speak at the Planning Committee due to my views already expressed re the Aldi Old Horns application. Also as the Founder and Chair of the Friends of the Queslett Nature Reserve it could be considered I had an interest.

  Those local residents Bob and Brenda who were allowed to speak did very well expressing the views of a number of other local residents.
It was good to see fellow Oscott CLLR and local resident, Barbara Dring also took the time to come along to show support. Oscott residents views were well considered.

 It was also pleasing to hear of Walsall's objections to this application.

Hamish Latchem, regional property director for Aldi UK, said that a new supermarket on Old Horns Crescent would bring  less "necessary overtrading in Great Barr, Kingstanding and New Oscott".
"Thirty full-time jobs would be created," he added  .

The application was turned down due to concerns about traffic congestion, and wildlife and tree loss. It was recognized new jobs may have been created but also jobs in other small local shops may have been lost. The decision was made by Councillors representing all the Political parties on the Council. It appeared to me to be a very fair hearing but a decision had to be made.

Out of 273 names on the petitions against the proposal 260 were raised by the Friends of the Queslett Nature Reserve and the Oscott Elderly Resident Group, both of which are local groups, so well done to them.

 I do however hope ALDI will now look for and find another more suitable site for their store, they are a large company who should note the feelings of the local community.

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