Monday, 13 February 2017


As you may be aware, the recent Governments Local Government Boundary Review has resulted in the creation of 69 wards in Birmingham and the move to all out elections from 2018. (in place of the previous 40. )This is due to their requirement for the reduction in numbers of local Councillors despite an increase in the population of Birmingham?  

In order to move towards these new arrangements, they  are now undertaking a full review of Polling Districts and Places in order to ensure that polling stations are located in the most suitable place within the new wards 

All of the  documents needed to understand the new changes will be available online, but in addition to the above, there are 69 ward maps showing the proposed polling district boundaries and a list of streets per polling district, 

Where you vote may change.
They are asking for residents opinions however given their past record although you should inform them of your opinion don't be disappointed at their final response or if your views are ignored.  

Here is a link to the documents held online – 


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