Thursday, 10 August 2017


With Ken Smith Oscott N.W South and Brian Brookes NPI

Sadly due to government cuts in funding to the Police, the effects are beginning to show in Oscott.
For example the number of officers on the local Oscott Neighbourhood team has been cut by nearly half.
Although the remaining officers work hard and do a good job clearly they cannot do the work carried out when they had a larger compliment of officers.

The cuts can clearly be seen by an increase ( for the first time in years) in crime in the area and by a big reduction of visible policing in the area and it is not just the local police that have been effected the Traffic Police have been dramatically cut to. This does not help with issues like speeding in the area.

The Local Police Team needs local resident help more than ever. As a member of the Oscott Neighbourhood Police Tasking meeting which is where the Police and Oscott Community group leaders ( and other agencies)  meet bi monthly to discuss local Policing issues they are often calling for new members.

Residents can also help by calling either the 101 number for non emergencies or 999 if they see any acts of crime. Residents can also join the Neighbourhood Watch or the Oscott Neighbourhood Police Initiative. These groups do what they can to help residents work together to avoid crime or to link with the Police.

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