Monday, 22 April 2013


As many residents may be aware early last year wild promises were made about improving the Burford Road Playing Field fencing.
To try and sort out fact from fiction with the help of my ward councillor Colleagues I held a  site meeting with residents and Council officers only to find out that there was no funding for any such work.

Since that time my colleagues and I have battled with Council officials to find funding for new fencing for the site.
I am pleased to announce at a site meting between Councillor Barbara Dring , Council Officers and my self, last week, it was agreed some of the work the work will now be done during this financial  year.
Fencing on parts of the Melverly Grove and Burford Road Boundary will be under taken and any part of the fencing which can not be completed will be added to a priority list for when further funding becomes available in years to come. The gap in the Burford Road fence will be left in order that members of the public can still use the site
It is now expected that large section of the boundary fencing will be upgraded.

If you would like more details please contact me.

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