Thursday, 11 April 2013


Amey the Private Company given the job of maintaining our streets for the next 20 plus years by the last Council administration have been catching up with their tree replacement program recently.
As you will have seen many new trees have been planted in the Oscott ward over the last few months.
These were trees were replacements for the many that have either died or been removed for other reasons.
Sadly a few mindless vandals have been damaging some of these new trees. There would have been even more damaged but some residents have managed to stop some of the vandals.
I am calling on the Police to give some attention to this problem when out on patrol and i have also called on Amey as it is in their contract to replace any damaged trees.

We must not give in to vandals and try and keep our area a decent place to live. If you see any trees being damaged  please report it.

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