Thursday, 4 April 2013


 Birmingham Councils  bid for funding for more dog controls has been approved and and a committee led by Councillor Barbara Dring secured the £50, 000 for LPPC to bring in Dog control orders for Birmingham.

Key benefits will be additional means for controlling the following matters:

·                     Fouling of land by dogs and the requirement for dog faeces to be removed.
·                     The keeping of dogs on leads.
·                     Dogs to be put on a lead when directed to do so.
·                     The exclusion of dogs from specified land.
·                     The number of dogs which a person may take onto land.

This is good news and something I have been pushing for in Oscott for a number of years. I hope these measures will be put in place sooner rather than later.
I am sure no dog owner who cares about their dog will have any issues with the bringing in of dog contol orders..

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