Thursday, 27 August 2015


Dog fouling has been a problem though out the summer holidays.
 A small minority of dog owners will just not bag their dogs mess and bin it.
The vast majority of to days dog owner do their duty and take care of their dogs and the mess they make but sadly a few give dog owners a bad name.

There is no excuse really bags can be obtained cheaply in pound stores and so on and I have managed to get a number of new litter bins for the Oscott area. (I am still trying to get more). There are plenty of warning stickers on lampposts and so on.

Clearly the worst offenders are those who let their dogs foul where children play near schools and playing fields  for example. Many parents complain quite rightly about how unpleasant it is to have to clean dog mess off their children's shoes and they should not have to do so.

 I again ask dog owners to bag and bin their dogs mess and I will continue to try and get the city's Dog Wardens to patrol the Oscott area as much as possible.

There is a substantial fine for those caught letting their dogs foul and not pick it up but I would rather see common sense prevail and all dog owners bag and bin or just take home  their dogs mess.

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