Tuesday, 11 August 2015


A the Councillor champion for the route I am like NX pleased to confirm that more Platinum services have now been launched, this time on service 997 between Walsall/ Aldridge and Birmingham. I have tried a number of other routes with this service and found it very good

NX  Premium bus services give you fast class travel with some great updates that you wouldn't fine on a normal bus including...

EXTRA LEG ROOM & COMFY SEATS with high backs, more padding and loads of extra space.

FREE WIFI so you can work or play on the move using super fast 4G.
Please note that Wi-Fi on NX Platinum buses has a personal daily download limit.

A FABULOUS DRIVING TEAM with some of the best trained in the industry. They will do their best to help make your journey as comfortable as possible.

SAFE & SOUND with crystal clear CCTV, bright LED interior lighting, improved sound proofing, suspension & tinted windows.

NEXT STOP audio & visual next stop announcements, helping you get off at the right stop.
A CUSTOMER CHARTER promising to deliver the best service possible to you. View and download the Platinum Customer Charter here.
GREENER BUSES with the latest engine technology minimising fuel usage and nasty carbon emissions.

The 51X has also gone platinum

NX be launching more new Platinum buses between Walsall and Birmingham soon on the 934, 935 and 936, keep checking their twitter account for the news of when these will be ready to launch

Note also see post dated 27th January

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