Wednesday, 5 August 2015


In Oscott residents are by and large proud to have clean streets sadly however there are some people who do not think before they throw litter on our streets.

Almost 5,000 litterbugs were given £80 fines after being caught by council enforcement officers in Birmingham last year, new figures have revealed - raising almost £400,000.

Oscott Councillors support the Birmingham City Council who are committed to dealing with environmental crime by the use of Fixed Penalty Notices. Authorised officers of the council issue Fixed Penalty Notices for a range of criminal offences.
A Fixed Penalty Notice is an 'on the spot' fine for committing offences such as:
  • Littering
  • Dog Fouling
  • Businesses not having a waste removal contract
  • Unauthorised distribution of literature i.e. flyers,leaflets
I have always made a point of trying to get missing litter bins replaced and new one put in various locations in Oscott and this has happened in several locations in Oscott recently. If you know of a missing litter bin please email me

I have also worked with the Hawthorn Traders Association to try and get traders to do more and the Environmental team have removed a number of un-authorised posters and so on.

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