Saturday, 1 April 2017


Sadly despite all the good work that the Friends of the Queslett Nature Reserve do in the reserve there is always an element of thought less and even occasionally dangerous anti social behaviour that goes on in the reserve.

There has been a Spate of graffiti going on and more importantly a number of safety ring floats have been removed from their station and thrown in the lake.
luckily the inclement weather at the moment has put off anyone from risking their health ( the lake is not treated and has hidden underwater potential traps) by attempting to swim in the lake.
However with the summer fast approaching there will be some who despite notices to the contrary will try and swim in the lake and with this in mind for safety grounds we need to stamp out the practice of removing the safety float rings from their posts.

Residents who use the reserve can do their bit by being the eyes and ears of the reserve ( the Police do patrol it when they can but it is a large open space and due to government cuts over the years their numbers have been reduced). If you see anti social behaviour please report it to the Police.

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