Monday, 10 April 2017


AS many Oscott residents will be  aware the Oscott Labour Team have been trying to help our residents to protect their grass verges for some considerable time.

Many grass verges in the area have been damaged by parked cars and have in some cases turned into mud baths.

Sadly this given the sheer amount of cars in the area is not an easy problem to solve despite what some may have you think. The Oscott team however have helped in a number of cases already but more needs to be done.

The is now help on the horizon in some cases as money is to be given to wards across the city by the Council, following representations from mainly back bench councilors,  to help deal with this issue.

It will not be a magic wand but hopefully some of the worst cases can be solved over the next year or 2.

If this is is a issue for you please email me Keith.Linnecor@Birmingham/ and I will try and help if I can

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