Monday, 2 March 2015


Sadly due to the condition of the Burford Road Playing Field grounds following extensive fencing work the main entrance gates to the car park are having to remain closed at the moment.

The alternative to closing the gates would be given the softness in the ground extensive damaged being done by cars parking. Any such damage could lead to major parking issues in the future.
Currently parents of the clubs using the site are having to pick up and drop of their children in Burford Road and Stowell Road and this is leading to some conflict with local residents who can not park out side their homes for a few hours over the weekend.
I am asking parents to be considerate and not park over residents drives and if possible allow their children to walk further to and from the site when being dropped off and collected.

I have asked the Police to monitor the parking situation and the Councils Street Cleaning staff to monitor the state of the pavements. I have also contact representatives from the club using the facility,asking they remind parents of the problem and they are doing so.

I am in constant touch with the Education department (who own the site) regarding the need to open the gates for match days and have been assured when the parking area has dried out and is in a better condition parking will again be allowed on the site. However I have informed them this must happen as soon as possible even if is only a section of the car park at the moment.

I appreciate the frustration residents must feel when it comes to not been able to park near their homes at times but the end result should mean along with hopefully Village green status if we manage to get it?, a site which will be open to the public for many years.
I think further cooperation and Patience is needed all round and I would like to thank all those who are being patient  at the moment.
If residents find their drop curb is being obstructed they can ring the Police on 101.

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