Thursday, 12 March 2015


I have been asked a few times this week when the Holford Drive Salvage department is open and where is it.?
Holford Drive is off the Aldridge Road left hand side when heading towards town no more than 10 minutes from anywhere in the Oscott area by vehicle.

The opening times are as follows (allow your self plenty of time as it can be busy at this time of year. and avoid peak times if you can)
The service is free for Birmingham house holders. Recycling

  • Operating times
    November to end of February
    Mon to Fri:
    8am to 6pm,
    Saturday: 8am to 4.30pm,
    Sunday: 8am to 4.30pm
    (Except Christmas Day & Boxing Day)

    March to end of October
    Mon to Fri:
    8am to 8pm,
    Saturday: 8am to 4.30pm,
    Sunday: 8am to 4.30pm
  • Recycling facilities

    They are able to recycle/re-use the following items:
    Green garden waste, Cardboard, Paper, Glass, Metal, Wood and wood-based products (MDF, chipboard etc), Engine Oil, Car Batteries, Fridges & Freezers, Textiles, Shoes, TVs & CRT Monitors, Fluorescent tubes, Gas bottles, Soil, Hardcore & Rubble.
    Please do not put gas bottles (full or empty) into the metals skip.  Please use the special area provided for gas bottles.  If in doubt, please speak to the staff on site who can advise.

How to access the sites if you have a van or large trailer - permits

Our staff are happy to help - please ask if you need assistance when you get to the site
  1. Our access control system will be applied to vans, pick up trucks, mobile homes, vehicles without seats and trailers greater than or equal to in size 1.83m x 1.22m (6' x 4')
  2. Check your waste is acceptable (your own waste and recycling)
  3. Check your preferred site is accessible for your vehicle - 2.1m height limit on all sites except James Road, Tyseley
  4. Visit your site - no pre booking required - a permit will be issued on site providing you meet the criteria
  5. If your vehicle type, residence status and waste are acceptable your vehicle details will be recorded and you will be issued with a 12 visit/one year entry permit for that vehicle
  6. One visit will be given for vehicles in cases of genuine doubt, until status can be established
  7. Please note that trade and commercial wastes and non Birmingham residents are not permitted entry to the Houshold Recycling Centres

Please call our 24 hour recorded information line 0121 379 8010 for more details.  Or email us directly at

For more general enquiries please call 0121 680 2000.



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