Wednesday, 3 May 2017


Tomorrow is make up your mind time when it comes to the election of the first ever Elected Mayor for the West Midlands.

I would urge Oscott residents to vote for the Labour candidate Sion Simmon.

He knows the Oscott area well having been an MP for the neighbouring Erdington area in the past.

He understands not only how big business works but far more importantly how to represent local people he cares about.

He does not belong to the party who have shown their dislike for Birmingham by cutting back their funding to the council in such a destructive way.

He would help fight the Central Governments huge reduction in funding to the police which has led to a halving of their number locally.

He also belongs to the party that believes in our National health service and which would rebuild and stop  the havoc wrought on it by the current government.

All in all for me it is not the amount of glossy leaflets put out it is the need to stop the attacks on Birmingham and Oscott that counts and of the candidates on offer Sion is the one to do it best.

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