Wednesday, 17 May 2017


Sadly there continues to be fly tipping hot spots in the Oscott Ward despite the fact rubbish can be taken to the Local Holford Drive Salvage department just minutes down the Road off the Aldridge Road.

All fly tipping is a disgrace but when gas canisters and fridges which have the potential to be very dangerous for children especially,  something really needs to be done.

(I am calling on the powers that be to get much tougher on those who dump gas bottles and canisters the Government needs to look at this and tighten up the rules. They could for example have indemnification be marked on bottles and cylinder and a register of who buys them.)

I am currently trying to get one such hot spot sorted out near the corner of Dyas Road and the Aldridge Road despite warning signs.

 Residents can help by reporting anyone dumping to the Council. Registration numbers and so on could be a help evidence should the Council decide to prosecute.

It should also be remembered that rear access ways are privately owned and are not the responsibility of the Council in most cases. Residents can help prevent fly tipping by ensuring their gates if they have them are locked.

 I will continue to press the Council to try and do more and will be working with a local resident group to help make residents more aware of the problems.

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