Wednesday, 3 May 2017


2 of the vandalized trees have gone missing could they have been stolen to order?

A number of local residents have reacted with utter disgust at the wanton vandalism to trees planted recently in the Aldridge Recreation Ground. The trees were kindly donated by a voluntary group and under their supervision planted by local primary school children.

A number of trees have been attacked bent over, uprooted and even stolen. This mindless vandalism must be stopped.
I am fully aware due to the devastating cuts to their funding by the government local Police numbers have halved in the last few years but they really must get to grips with this and make every effort to find the culprits. Should those who have done this vandalism be found I have called for the prosecution. I would also hope magistrates consider getting much tougher with offenders when it comes to mindless vandalism.

If any resident witnessed any thing suspicion I would ask they they do not hold back but inform the Police.

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