Wednesday, 15 July 2015


 It is that time of year again when a number of Oscott residents start getting upset by youngsters and in some cased adults playing ball games in the street.
Clearly it is not advisable in this day and age to have ball games going on in the street, as today there are very few streets where vehicles are not using them on a regular basis,
Many residents are finding their cars scratched front gardens invaded, windows broken or constantly hit by a ball.

It is important however that there are places where ball games can be played and this is one of the reasons the Oscott Councillors have battled to keep open for the, playing fields like Glenmead and Burford Road.
There are also other open spaces in or near the Oscott ward, such as the, Aldridge Road Recreation Ground, Queslett Nature Reserve, King George Playing Field, Perry Barr Park and Turnbury Park.
 I am also trying to encourage the Police not only to remind youngsters, ball games are not meant for the streets, but also to montitor open spaces in order to help keep them safe for youngsters to play in.

I am aware some people feel that roads should be used by children to play ball games? however
It is, illegal to play ball games on the road if this causes problems for road users: / residents?

The Highways Act 1980 s161(3) states that "if a person plays at football or any other game on a highway to the annoyance of a user of the highway he is guilty of an offence and liable to a fine

As with all national laws this is enforceable by the Police. The Council is not empowered to enforce this particular national law.

"No ball games" signs are not required by the Police for them to undertake enforcement although it is recognised that their presence may aid enforcement.
"No ball games" signs are erected on the highway solely to aid Police enforcement and consequently it is a pre-requisite of their erection for the Police to have undertaken to enforce this law.

Parents with young children who are not old enough to use our open spaces in the Oscott area, as is often the case in Oscott often have fairly large gardens and should really encourage their children to use their garden, as it is not safe for them to play ball games on our busy streets.

If you have an concerns regarding this matter please email me

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