Wednesday, 29 July 2015


There has been a further speight of fly tipping recently and residents in Oscott are waking up to find quite large amounts of fly tipped material blocking their rear access ways.
Some of this is due to rear access way gates are simply not being locked and this is preventable.

However there are cases where pad lock are being cut through and this is only preventable by residents buying better quality pad locks. At the moment there is help with part funding for this available form the Oscott Ward Committee and Police. This is only for genuine cases.

In most cases rear access ways in the Oscott area belong to the residents themselves and many have sensibly been gated to prevent acts of anti social behaviour, improve security and to prevent fly tipping. For those 3 reasons it is a must that resident lock their rear access ways at all times. Even if you are not taking you car around the back and you see gates open it is best to lock them.

Open rear access are a golden opportunity for those wishing to act in an anti social way, graffiti,drug use, vandalism, garage break ins, entering residents gardens with crime in mind are as well as fly tipping all much easier in the seclusion of a rear access way.

Now we hear due to government cuts the number of local Police officers is to drop it is more important than ever residents help them selves and secure their property including rear access ways.

Groups like the Neighbourhood Watch and the Neighbourhood Police Initiative are available to help remind residents of the problems and do what they can to advise on crime prevention but they can only do so much.

Sadly even when some gates are locked some residents are temped to fly tip in their own rear access ways, but it should be remembered that the Council is not responsible for clearing rubbish from rear access ways and these residents are fly tipping in their "own back yards"

The council still collects bulky items at a cost of £25 and most rubbish can be taken in at the Holford Drive Salvage department FOC.

The council are putting up a number of No fly tipping signs and the fine has gone up if you want to pass on any evidence related to fly tipping the no is 303 112

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