Thursday, 23 July 2015


As your Oscott Councillor I believe it is very important to keep in touch with the residents I represent.

In order that I can do this I have ensured there are a number I ways I can be contacted or can communicate with Oscott residents.

For example,
I hold regular street walk abouts and a Councillors surgery.
I also try to pop into elderly residents community areas and meetings regularly to talk to our older residents.
I also carry out local walk about's as part of the Oscott Labour team.

I meet with resident group leaders at meeting such a the Police Tasking Group meetings and Ward Committees as well as regularly by phone.

*To contact me directly residents can ring 360 6486 or leave me a message on 303 2039.
My Email address is
To send me a letter they should be sent C/o the Birmingham City Council House B1 1BR.

Many Oscott residents will also have received one of my return cards which can be sent to me FOC.

* If I am not available please leave all your contact details.

Living in the middle of the Oscott ward and being a regular bus user also means, when I am out and about I often meet with Oscott residents who let me know their concerns which is why I nearly always carry my return cards with me.

Through this blog which I have used for some years now and even more so by means of Twitter I also try and let Oscott residents know some of the things I am doing, as I believe that many resident feel over leafleted at times and using It helps preserve our trees?  I also try and communicate through the local press.

I have know idea how many Oscott residents I have tried to help over the years and clearly there are many times all I can do is to try and help, but it must run into many thousands.

Thanks to the huge unprecedented cuts in the Birmingham City Councils funding by Central Government things are getting more difficult for Oscott residents but I am still available to try and help where I can.

I also represent Birmingham on the Transport Delivery Committee for example I am the Councillor Champion for the 997  bus route (any issue please let me know) and I am the Chair of the *Friends of the *Queslett Nature Reserve (including the Aldridge Recreation ,in an independent capacity

If you have a problem (I cannot resolve all the issues) I hear about but I can at least try and help please contact me. If you have a family member or friend living in the Oscott area please let them know about this blog.

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