Tuesday, 28 July 2015


One of my rolls as a representative for the Birmingham City Council on the  Transport delivery Group (formerly ITA) is to as as a bus champion for one of the bus routes.

Councillors are asked to volunteer to keep an eye on a route of their choosing and keep in touch with the NX bus companies manager for that route. The idea is to try and spot problems and inform the route manager.
With this in mind when I use the route regularly I try and encourage other residents who use that route to let me know of their experiences and concerns. I usually do this by means of twitter. One constant problem is the Well Head Lane junction.

I also work closely with local resident bus Champions (along with Centro) and for example recently it was brought to my  attention by a local resident bus champion that a lot of litter was being generated on the Dyas road by the sheer weight of number of school children using the bus stops. As a result I have managed to get a new litter bin sited near the Coop.

I  travel on the 997 route with local bus champions but don't worry I also take a keen interest on other bus Routes and I am a regular bus user anyway.

If you have any concerns re the 997 bus route please email me Keith.Linnecor@birmingham.gov.uk

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