Wednesday, 1 July 2015


One of the worst side effects of good weather and lighter nights is the return of the fly tipper.
I have had reports from the Atlantic Road area for example this is going on in a fairly big way in rear access ways.
Sadly most of this fly tipping happens where residents do not lock their rear access way gates and travelling fly tippers find easy access.
The lesson must be LOCK YOUR REAR ACCESS WAYS. and remember this land is usually the resents own responsibility to protect..
If you see any fly tipping going try and note any details type of vehicle, registration No and any description and inform the Council or Police. ( The Police have informed me they will be monitoring the situation)

There is no excuse for fly tipping as the Holford Drive Salvage department is free to use and is only minutes away from anywhere in Oscott. The fine for fly tipping has increased but evidence is needed to prosecute.

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