Sunday, 9 October 2016


Sadly Hedgehogs are in decline.

The Friend of the Queslett Nature Reserve are trying to make the reserves habitat more hedge hog friendly and would ask residents to do their bit by giving up a section of their garden to them.
Please leave a small gap in your fence to allow them to roam from garden to garden and make sure you check any garden bonfires before you light them ( especially at this time of year as Bonfire night approaches.)
What to do if you find a hedgehog that needs help 

If you see a hedgehog out in the daylight, or an injured or sick hedgehog at any time, it is in trouble. A hedgehog 'sun-bathing' or 'staggering' is probably very cold, and hypothermia is setting in. You need to act at once to help the animal.


• Pick up the hedgehog using gloves or an old towel

• Put the hedgehog in a high sided box filled with torn up newspaper, or cover with an old towel

• If the hedgehog feels cold to the touch, put in a bottle filled with hot water and wrap it up in a towel (A plastic pop bottle is ideal)

• Cover or close the box to protect the hedgehog from flies and maggots

• If there is an obvious wound or injury, take the hedgehog to a vet, straight away if possible. Tell the vet you want the hedgehog back if it recovers as it is always best to release recovered hedgehogs back into their territory

If you need further advice contact the West Midland Hedgehog Rescue

For advice on what to do next:

If you find an injured hedgehog or a hedge on distress you can contact the West Midland Hedgehog rescue organization. for  advice.

You can help them to help hedgehogs by donating
• Clean paper pet bedding &puppy training pads
• Old Towels/Bedding
• Old Beanie Hats
(aka hoglet sleeping bags - fleecetype  - no loose knit)
• Dried mealworms
• Feeding Syringes
• Single Use Sterile Needles
• Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel

For more information ring the West Midland Hedge hog Rescue
Tel no  01922 419 532  0r 07837 409 533.

You could also contact you Councillor or MP and ask them to take this issue seriously?

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