Wednesday, 12 October 2016


I would like to say a big thank you to the schools, Fire Brigade, Police Church representatives and Council  Council officer officers who attended today meeting regarding problems with parking and road safety around schools in Oscott which took place today.

Clearly there are no easy solutions but at the meeting which everyone assured me they found useful there was clearly food for thought.

There are a number of initiatives and funding streams being considered and Oscott needs to be there fighting for anything we can get.
 For example banners like the one above and other information and material are available for local schools in Oscott, they simply have to ask for it.
 It may be worth asking your local school to get involved if they are not already.

Some of the possible physical solutions are being taken away for appraisal by the Transportation department and Road safety officers are looking at other issues.

However as I indicated there are no simple solutions to a problems faced by school residents and parents across the country but at least the issue is well on the agenda here in Oscott. Every solution found can often have a detrimental effect somewhere else and has to be considered..

Residents will be part of the feed back and able to discuss the issues at a meeting which should take place in the New Year.

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