Thursday, 20 October 2016


I was pleased to note the speed which the new paths (or upgrades) are being put down out at in the Queslett Nature Reserve.

It will seem strange at first but as they weather in it will begin to look more natural. They will certainly aid those walking (or running) in the reserve and should help ease the drainage issues that were causing issues for some. The new paths will also enable some less abled members of the community better access to the reserve.
They will also help create fire breaks. As we know grass fire can cause such damage to sites like this reserve and can be dangerous for visitors and wild like alike.

Other works are to be undertaken, the installation of new logs to sit on, litter bins and the creation of a small open space near the end of the lake. and new information boards are to be put up.

The FQNR environmental Group volunteers are also working hard behind the scenes with their habitat and wild life improvements as well as their regular clean ups.

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