Thursday, 13 October 2016


The expected introduction of a Traffic Regulation Order ( yellow lines) to protected the corners of Marshall Grove. Blakeland Road and Anstey Road ( where they meet Greenholm Road near the school) from parked vehicles, have been delayed due to an objection from a resident.

Yellow lines are a legally binding arrangement and there proposed introduction has to go out to public consultation. This can often following an objection lead to a further review of the matter which clearly can cost time and extra expense. However clearly objections must be fully considered.

Sadly while a decision is made regarding the objection, parking on these corners will have to continue to be in the hand of the over stretched Local Police force who have faced cuts in their funding due to central government for some time. They are the enforcement agency.

If yellow lines are introduced the parking issues in question will not be solved automatically but most agree including the Birmingham City Council Transport department that the situation should be better.

I hope parents who drop off and collect their children from Greenholm school will park carefully and away from these junctions for the safety of the children going to school.

We now await the review of the TRO application.

There are no easy solutions to the issue of parking near schools.

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