Monday, 3 October 2016



Weather permitting wore is due to start at last on improvements to the Queslett nature Reserve.
The improvements will be resurfacing some of the rough paths in the reserve (and creating a new path) to help those less mobile to use the site. The improved paths should also be less likely to be effected by the rain and mud and will be easier to walk on.

There will also be some new log benches, notice boards, more litter bins and the end of the lake will be opened up to create better views and for somewhere to relax.

Later in the year a number of large trees will be removed. These trees will either be deceased or in some cases they will be removed to allow more light in the reserve. They will be replaced by other trees which will be placed strategically through out the reserve as part of woodland and heath maintenance. pre- planned program.

Finally a new emergency gate will be located at the Ashgrove Road end to allow the Emergency Services and the Parks department a second vehicle entrance to the site.

The reserve will still be just that a place where the environment and wild life are the priority but where those using it will have a little more comfort.

I would like to thank all those users of the reserve who have come forward with idea's and naturally the Members of the Friends of the Queslett nature Reserve who have been so involved.

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