Saturday, 9 February 2013


Birmingham City Council's Debt Advice Team

Deal With Your Debts - Debt Advice Team 303 2087
Thousands of people every year, for whatever reason, get into debt. One in four people now use loans or credit cards to meet the basic costs of living. This situation could mean that you get behind with your regular bills such as rent, council tax, phone, electricity or gas.

The Debt Advice Team takes a realistic and practical approach to helping people who are experiencing severe debt problems. Over 2,500 clients make use of their service every year. They can help improve the quality of your life by developing a realistic and sensible debt repayment programme. Their experienced debt advisers offer a structured approach to managing severe personal debt by:
  • maximising income (with in and out of work benefits)
  • providing budget advice
  • preparing a full debt repayment plan
  • talking to the people you owe money to.

If you have money worries or need some advice please call the Debt Advice Line on 0121 303 2087. One of their advisers will assess your situation, offer you advice on your particular circumstances and, if necessary, arrange an appointment for you.

A number of residents from the Oscott area are really feeling the pinch and need support in these tough times.
If you are, I would certainly recommend that you should not be  tempted to use Loan Sharks and do not put off dealing with your debts without taking advice.
You could also consider using a accredited Credit unions which can help you with your borrowing and spending.

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