Friday, 22 February 2013


Amey are currently planting a number of trees in various roads in Oscott. These are by and large replacing trees taken out due to decease or to allow drop curbs to be installed.
While these new trees are to be welcomed I have found that Amey are making the same mistakes that were made many years ago, in that they are planting some tree in such away as they may stop people having drop curbs in the future.
New trees should be planted at the edge of a property which would then allow for a drop curb to be erected if required in the future without the resident having to pay for the trees removal.
If you have this problem let me know while the tree is not established and I will contact Amey on your behalf.
I have already been in touch with senior Amey managers regarding what should be basic common sense and asked them to review what some of the tree planing contractor are doing.

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