Monday, 25 February 2013


The Green waste service will start up onFebruary 25th sadly Green bags will not be supplied from the end of March

Green Waste Collections Resume for 2013
I would like to remind Oscott residents  that fortnightly green (garden) waste collections are set to resume on February 25 following the annual Winter break .

As a result of the Governments cuts to local government  the Birmingham City council’s now needs to save £102million in the 2013/14 financial year. This now means rolls of sacks will no longer be provided for this Green waste service from the end of March. From that point, households will therefore need to purchase their own sacks (available from most supermarkets and many other stores) to participate in the service.

The sacks, should be different to normal black refuse sacks – such as commonly sold green garden waste sacks – to ensure the garden waste can be identified and collected appropriately. It is also recommended that the sacks, as in previous years, should be left open when put out for collection, to aid their identification as green waste.

Compost bins can be purchased from or by calling 0845 130 6090.

This is very disappointing,  it is understood that the way things are today some cuts are needed due to the economic climate but there are very few options left when the Council forced to make such large such cuts in such a short time.

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