Thursday, 14 February 2013


 Bag and bin your dogs mess or take it home.
 Doggy bin bags can be bought for £1 a roll in some local shops

Yet again the dog mess seen on our pavements and open spaces in Oscott is a disgrace.
All dog owners know it is not only unpleasant to let their dogs mess remain on our streets and open spaces but it can result in dangerous deceases for young children.
The vast majority of dog owners are getting their dogs mess up but there are still to many owners who are not being so responsible. They are making things worse for the considerate dog owners who wrongly get the blame at times.

My Ward Colleagues and I are constantly complaining to authorities ( I have been onto the cabinet member responsible for dealing with this issue) about the issue and I have had a number of litter bins put in place to help deal with the situation. (Bag it and bin it)

But at the end of the day it is up to the dog owners them selves, do not let your dogs foul on the street and on foot ball pitches like those at the Burford Road Playing Fields,Glenmead Playing Field and The Aldridge Road Recreation Ground. (I am trying to get some more noticable No dog fouling signs erected at these locations.). The Bandywood estate is another problem area.

I am asking the Dog Warden Service to be more proactive in this area and they have assured me they will be in the area as much as possible and if spotted those who do not remove there dogs mess will be dealt with. There is no excuse bag it, take it home or bin it.

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