Thursday, 28 February 2013


I was pleased to be asked to attend the Rail Business Awards 2012 last night in London for Centro along with London Midland. Councillor Kath Hartley and I are working hard with this company as well as Centro to improve communications with the public.
For example  I had a good opportunity to discuss improving the Perry Barr and encouraging Cycle storage in various places through out the City.
 The London Midland Representative were very help full and it was interesting to meet Representative form other areas.
The meal its self was very nice and it was pleasing to see Centro in a joint venture with London Midland get a high recommendation award,  runners-up in Safety & Security Excellence at Rail. Well done to them.

This also included the See Something Say Something which I have also been helping to promote.
Helping to keep the cost of the event down was a consideration and an over night stay and a cheap rail tickets helped do that. It was also a good opportunity to learn more about the rail industry and how it effects the Public Transport user.

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