Monday, 11 February 2013


During a recent meeting I organised with the Booths Lane developers Persimmons (which included representatives from the Oscott Residents Association and Friends of Queslett Nature Reserve it was explained that the new section of road being build  by the developers needs to be opened as soon as possible.
Many residents in the Booths, Land Bowman Road area feel marooned because they have to travel much further to get to the Aldridge Road for example.

Developers while very sympathetic have had issues with the recent bad weather which has slowed the work down. The houses must be build along the new road before the developers can safely allow residents to use the road. This is due to health and safety advice.  They are still hoping for the road to be opened by the end of the year. I will continue to monitor its progress on behalf of residents.
The developers have also agreed to remove some rubbish left at the corner of Bowman Road and Booths Lane following their snow clearance operation.

The land scape work and tree planting on the northern edge of the site is nearly complete. 
The foot path which is now diverted partly into the Queslett Nature Reserve needs to made more weather proof and I have asked the developers to consider putting in drainage channels and a surface of chippings. They are to go away and look into this proposal. The developers wish to help where they can the reserve.

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