Thursday, 23 March 2017


I have recently been made aware that we Councillors should in this age of the internet should use it more to inform residents about what we are doing in our wards.!

I would like to remind anyone reading this blog currently in its 10th year,  that I am also on Face Book and Titter although if you would like me to try and deal with a concern you have you should still contact me by

By phone 0121 360 3032039 ( messages)
By writing care of the Birmingham City Council House. B1 1BR
By attending one of my Surgeries  ( 4th Tuesday of the month 9.30am at the 610 Community Centre)
By sending in if you have one  of my " free post"  return card which are also available in the Oscott Libraries or at the 610 Community Centre.

When getting in touch with me please supply your full contact details

I am afraid to say my carrier pigeon post service has been deleted as the pigeon has now retired.

 I cannot promise to resolve all the issues I hear about but I am willing to try and help if I can.

Also in regards to Twtter,  if I re - tweet something it does not necessarily mean I agree with the comments in it.

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