Saturday, 18 March 2017


As parking and road safety around schools in Oscott is such a major concern to may I organise meetings on the subject which all the Schools in Oscott are invited to attend.

At these meeting schools along with Council Road safety teams, the Transportation department , the Fire Brigade and the Police and to discuss collectively the various issues of concern.

These problems are extremely difficult to resolve but working together, good practice, new ideas and practical solutions are examined.

There are no easy solutions and cuts in funding to schools, the Police and the Council by Central Government do not help.

All the Oscott schools have been invited to send a representative to the next  meeting and if,  as a parent or local resident,  you have a concern you can let your local school know and remind them to attend the meeting. The meeting will take place on the 28th March and a feed back to the public is given at the Oscott Residents Committees.

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