Wednesday, 22 March 2017


Working closely with the Neighbourhood Police Initiative , Local residents and my fellow Oscott Councillors I have been campaigning for a zebra Crossing to be located on Dyad Road near the Old Oscott Lane junction. As part of this campaign I presented a petition to the Council.

 Sadly due to a local super market objecting to the idea of  pedestrian crossing because of their  concerns about the effect this would have on deliveries to the store the idea had to be explored further.

 I am now pleased to tell you following my continues request the Transportation have met with the supermarket and through agreement, they no longer oppose the provision of a zebra crossing and support its installation. 

As a consequence The Transportation department will  advertise the provision of the crossing in the local press and, once this is complete, arrange for its installation. 

I am hoping that a zebra crossing will be on site at some point in the summer of this year.
My fellow Oscott Ward Councillors and I will be requesting this crossing be installed as soon as possible as this is a busy road which residents have to cross to get to local shops or to catch the bus at stops on either side..

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