Saturday, 18 March 2017


Thank you to all those who have contacted me on this subject.

Clearly as the Councillor who first had the gaps in the Burford Road playing field site to allow residents onto the site without them having to resort to keep cutting through the fence,  this situation is very saddening to me.

This is an education field  and they were willing to allow residents young and old to use the site, but over the years a small minority  have  abused the site, destroying the changing rooms and acting in antisocial ways, abusing the site often leading to the Police having to be called.

Others have used the site without paying for the use which has not helped either those organisations wishing to use the site officially or residents just wishing to use the site for recreation.

There is an urgent need for new housing in the city and the Government have put the pressure on with their one million new home to be build in the country target over the next few year.

Like other cities Birmingham have to respond and are now desperate to find space for these new homes and are even resorting to have to have them built on Green belt land.

  However like my colleagues  Councillor Barbara Dring and Tristan Chatfield  I still feel Burford playing field should not be built on if possible

I have called on the Education assets department to ensure residents are notified and consulted with before any decisions are made. No decisions have ben made and it I still early days.

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