Thursday, 23 March 2017


Any one reading this blog regularly will be aware of my efforts to combat Dog Fouling,
along with the Neighbourhood Police Initiative and Councillor Barbarbara Dring.

Most residents have had the experience of treading in dog mess and trailing into their homes often ruining carpets.

This unpleasant an unnecessary problem will be hard to defeat as there is a small but persisted small minority of dog owners ( who give the huge majority of good dog owners a bad name) that persist in not getting up their dogs mess and either bagging and binning it or taking it home. Some even bag their dogs mess when on an open space and leave hanging in  bushes where children play. You would not credit it would you! Dog mess can lead to serious eye conditions to children.

I have tried to help he situation by having a number of new bins put in place but sadly many of these are just replacement bins for where bin have been vandalised or gone missing. I also help the Dog Warden officers by putting up no dog fouling warning stickers on lampposts. Along with the NPI I help put up notices and supply warning boards.

Despite governments cuts to their funding the Council have kept on a Dog Warden Service and they have been very helpful in the Oscott area despite being small in number. In some cases they are actively monitoring some areas.

I would like to thank those caring dog owners who do the right and sensible thing and clear up their dogs mess.

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