Thursday, 7 March 2013


 I had the pleasant duty today of attending the Considerate Contractors award Ceremony at the Council House for the first time as its Chairman.
This was where Contractors working in connection with Birmingham Roads and Volunteer Lay assessors came together to receive awards for their work. The event was sponsored by the contractors.
It was also pleasing to see a contingent of Oscott residents there as Lay assessor

Back ground
The Considerate Contractor Streetworks Scheme requires participating highway and utility contractors to abide by standards relating to safety, quality, and customer care when working on or adjacent to pavements and roads.The scheme first started 14 years ago and among its founders were amongst others, Councillor (at the time) Mike Olley, Ron Whitehouse. and also current Councillors, Kath Hartley, Mike Leddy and my self.
The scheme was chaired until I took over recently by Councillor Timothy Huxtable.

Birmingham City Council is committed to improving standards and making the City a Centre of Streetworks Excellence. The Council is working in partnership with everyone involved to achieve this goal, for the benefit of Birmingham citizens, businesses and visitors.

The Streetworks Code of Practise describes how Streetworks Performance will be measured and judged, and guides contractors towards achieving the required standard. There will be awards and recognition for achievement and sanctions for unsatisfactory performance.

The agreed standards are enforced by Volunteer Lay Assessors who are members of the public who volunteer to perform random surveys of ongoing construction work and feed the results of these surveys back to the City Council, providing an invaluable snapshot of the way contractors are performing in our city. 
 We are on the look out for more volunteers training will be given
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