Monday, 11 March 2013


There are over 20 types of bee in this country sadly some are struggling and some have become extinct.
This matters even in cities because bees not only  pollinate our food crops but also the plants we put in our gardens.
Like many of those who care about our wild life in this area I am lobbying our Perry Barr MP Khalid Mahmood and asking him to keep drawing this situation to the Governments officers and departments responsible.

I have also been in Touch with senior Birmingham Council Cabinet members and senior Council officers asking them to ensure they are are aware of the situation, to review the use of any harmful fertilisers and to encourage the use of Bee friendly planting of shrubs and flowers in our parks and open spaces.
As the Chair of the Friends of the Queslett Nature Reserve I am trying to ensure bee and butterfly seeds are used where possible.
We can all help by planting bee friendly shrubs and plants in our gardens,
For a list of friendly plants please use the following webb site

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