Thursday, 14 March 2013


At Wednesday 13th March  Oscott Ward Committee the Oscott Councillors Councillor Barbara Dring Councillor Tristan Chatfield and my self heard from Oscott residents, their views on Wheelie bins.
As you will be aware I have been since August been passing on comments and views both for and against wheelie bins to those who will have to make the decision about them.
Some residents yesterday were very concerned how they would cope with wheelie bins as they have steps in their garden.
Other resident felt there was no where to keep the bins while some residents felt they were a good idea as they would help keep the streets clear of rubbish. (No split black bags)
It is certainly one of those subjects which residents are interested in.Sadly at the moment the Council is carrying out a consultation process and there are no confirmed answers to many of the questions being put about the Wheelie bin situation, while it is going on.

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