Saturday, 9 March 2013


I met with a senior representative for the Metropolitan College (James Watt campus) Aldridge Road recently for an update on our previous meeting concerning car parking issues and other issues.

Since our previous meeting sadly Government cuts in funding have meant the college taking down one of their old building to make way for extra parking has had to be put on hold. The College is continuing to bid for funds for this project.

The college has however been allowed by the Drakes Drum Public House to use one of their small car parks.

I have suggest to the college and they have agreed to re look at one of their car parks with a view of realigning the car spaces which I believe will create some extra places. They have also agreed to try to encourage more of their students to use Public Transport rather than travel to the college by car..

The College have also introduced more litter bins on their Aldridge Road Boundary since my last discussions with them and are now looking to add more in other locations.

The college in an effort to keep student on site have introduces a new modern cafeteria and are speaking to local shop keepers about any issues which their students may generate for them.

Finally it was pleasing to note the amount of effort the college is putting in to try and help ex military personnel find new jobs.

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