Tuesday, 5 March 2013


The council does try to make sure that its properties are in good condition and structurally sound. However there is a lot that Oscott tenants can do to protect themselves, their families and visitors to their home.

Here is some common sense advice to protect you and your family and a lot of this also applies to Housing association tenants and house owners as well.
·         Always make sure you know who callers are before you let them into your home and do not let strangers into shared areas. Remember that all council staff and employees of their repairs partners and gas contractors carry identification. Ask to see it before you let them into your home. If you are unsure, do not let them in and telephone your local housing office for advice.
·         Only oil filled radiators can be used in flats. Please do not use portable paraffin or gas cylinder heaters. The Council does usually allow tenants to use these heaters in other types of property but you must get written permission first. Your local housing office can advise you.
  • Do not store gas or materials or furniture that burns easily in the property, garage or garden.
  • Do not store or repair petrol, diesel or paraffin-powered vehicles in shared areas.
  • Do not store petrol, diesel or paraffin appliances in the property except lawn mowers and garden strimmers.
  • Do not interfere with health and safety equipment, for example, fire detectors and extinguishers, door entry systems and closed circuit television.
  • Do not feed wild pigeons or squirrels outside the property or on balconies.
  •  Foxes very rarely enter homes and to help prevent this happening close down stares window at night and do not feed them.
  • Keep corridors, paths, entries and stairs clear of rubbish, material or old furniture or equipment.
  • Keep areas set aside for emergency vehicles clear.
  • Dispose of syringes safely.
  • Do tell your local housing team immediately about any damage that has been done to the property. You may need to report it to the police.
·         West Midlands Fire Service have some excellent tips around fire safety on their website - www.wmfs.net/content/fire-safety-home-0

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