Saturday, 23 March 2013


There is something about a newly planted tree which seems to bring out a destructive streak in some individuals. Whether they see them as some form of test of their physical strength or whether they just can not find some thing interesting to do with their lives I just don't know.?
What ever these vandals are not helping to preserve Oscott greenery.
Trees are being planted mainly as part of a contract with Amey to replace trees which are damaged, deceased or have been removed to allow drop curbs to be put in place.
 There are very few "new trees"
Trees help reduce CO2 levels,reduce soil erosion,can give shade if we ever have a hot summer? and help baffle street noise as well as making a street look far more pleasant.
We must do what we can to deter vandalism in any form and those who deliberately destroy new trees are vandals.
 If you see anyone breaking a tree let the police know.
If you are aware of a tree which has been vandalised let me know and I will try and get it replaced by Amey as they are as part of their contract ablidged to replace damaged trees at no extra cost..

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