Monday, 4 March 2013


 There are litter bins in the Aldridge Recereation ground for dog owners to use to dispose of their dogs mess

 The Aldridge Road Recreation ground is fast becoming a dog toilet.
Dog fouling is still a real problem in Oscott. For a time it did look as if dog owner were really getting the message. In fact most good dog owners are. However it is clear there is a stubborn small minority who just will not bag and bin or take home their dogs mess. It is becoming hard to know what to say to these.

Thankfully on the spot fines have gone up for those who are caught however it is difficult to catch some owners in the act as they vary the times they go out and often take their dogs out after dark to avoid detention..
I would ask again these owners think of the danger dog mess can be to young children in particular it is well known that dog mess can carry dangerous diseases. Dog owners should take particular care when their dogs are let off the leash in our open spaces.
Doggy bags cost £1 a roll and can be purchased in many local shops and there are more litter bins on our streets then ever. Many thanks again to the good dog owners it is a great shame a few others are letting you down.

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