Monday, 25 March 2013


 Centro's first ever Putting Passenger first Conference was very well attended today by Porter Engagement Group members and Bus Champions.
Both groups had the opportunity not just to learn what transport operators and Centro have been doing but more importantly to give their views on Public transport.

If you use public transport and would like to help improve it then perhaps you could consider becoming a "Bus passenger champion"
Bus passenger champions are volunteers who fill out surveys concerning their bus journeys.
They help keep Centro and various bus companies informed about how their service is running.
issues like good or bad driving, clean or dirty buses, and the state of bus stops or shelters are recorded.
For urgent issues bus champions are given a dedicated phone No to Centro.
Volunteers meet occasionally to relate their experiences to each other and there will be the occasional visit to a bus garage or other  building connected with public Transport.

If you care about public Transport and want more details about becoming a bus champion please email me on

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